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CIS is a wholly-owned  subsidiary of CCI Software/Systems, a Georgia corporation specializing in the development of databases for the floor covering industry since 1992.  Sensing a need in the industry for an alternative credit reporting source, CCI Software organized CIS in 1997 to provide floor covering manufacturers and distributors economical, accurate and timely credit information on floor covering dealers.  The result is a new service dedicated to giving you the  information your credit department can rely on while reducing your credit reporting budget.

Trade Credit Reports

CIS Trade Reports contain the following information in a comprehensible and easy-to-read format:

Current Payment Experience.  A trade line for each contributor shows the date reported, date of last sale, pay history, high credit, account balance and the account balance that is current, and/or past due 1-30, 31-60, 61-90 and 91+ days.

Current Payment Experience Summary.  The payment experiences of all the contributors are summarized here for an overall picture of the account.

Payment Trends.  Contains a three month pay history of the account and provides you with a short-term trend snapshot.

Account Score.  CIS scores all accounts according to its payment history and its account aging.  The account is scored each month a running 12 month score trend is reported.

In addition each trade report shows which suppliers sell the account on a COD or CBD basis and whether that account has been placed for collection (PFC) or has presented not-sufficient-funds (NSF) checks within the past six months.  If NSF or PFC activity is reported, the NSF or PFC detail is also present in your report.  Click here for sample trade credit report.

NSF and PFC Reports

Our contributors supply us on a daily basis with the names of their NSF and PFC accounts.  This information not only is cross-referenced on our Trade Reports, but is also presented in list format in our NSF and PFC reports.  These reports can be generated for an individual account or for a specific period:  the past month or the most recent 12 months.  The reports show the account in question and dollar amounts of the NSF check (and the number of times returned) and in the case of the PFC report, the dollar amount placed for collection. Our NSF and PFC information can provide you with a valuable "early warning" of an account in trouble.

Information Sources

CIS's credit reports contain information provided exclusively by most of the largest mills and factors in the floor covering business.  Each of these sources is a leader in the floor covering industry.  As a result you are assured of getting the most relevant information from the most accurate sources.  No longer do you have to guess about the source of information you depend upon.


CIS's database is updated weekly, insuring that you have the most accurate information you need as quickly as possible.  No longer will you have to depend on stale and unreliable information.


CIS continuously monitors and updates its database for accuracy.  Our constant interaction with our information suppliers also insures a high degree of accuracy in the data we supply you.  As accounts are sold, move, change names or ownership, we are there to keep your information current.


CIS requires no contract or purchase of a minimum number of "units".  Your usage is strictly "a la carte".  Trade Credit Reports are priced at $8.95 per report.  Associated NSF and PFC reports are included with your Trade Credit Report at no extra cost.  Trade Credit Reports that contain fewer than two lines of experience are free.  NSF and PFC Reports are $19.95 each.

System Requirements

All you need is a personal computer capable of accessing the internet and a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.  We will set up your own account with a unique password.  Once on our web site, our intuitive program allows you to pull reports by phone number or account name.  Reports are then printed directly at your desktop.

Benefits To You

Your credit department can benefit from our inexpensive yet accurate reports in a number of ways.  Use our reports to regularly update your credit files, process new account applications and increase or decrease existing credit lines.  You can reduce your reliance on self-serving (and selective) credit references provided by your customers and eliminate wasted time playing "phone tag" with other creditors from whom you seek references.  Most importantly, you can reduce or eliminate your dependence on costlier forms of information.


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