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The collection firms listed here have represented floorcovering creditors in the recent past. Their listing here is neither a recommendation nor endorsement of such firms. You  are encouraged to visit the web sites of such firms to learn more about their services 



Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act..... 


At some point it becomes cost effective to outsource your collections work and hire an agency: 

  • When your department makes no progress with delinquent accounts.
  • When your department is overwhelmed with other work
  • When maintaining good relations with a customer is important
  • Collection Agencies

    A.G. Adjustments
    ABC Companies
    Amalgamated Collections
    Brandstein & Associates
    Capital Recovery Corp
    Central Collection Corporation
    Lieb & Company
    National Association of Retail
       Collection Attorneys 

    Collection Costs

    The cost to recover delinquent accounts varies from agency to agency and depends on a range of variables, from the staleness of the account to the volume of business that your firm does with the agency.  Typical costs range from 25% to 33% of the debt.