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Credit Group Basics
Legal Basis for Credit Groups

Organize Your Group

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Top Ten Do's and Don'ts
at Credit Group Meetings

DON'T ever use the word "we".
DON'T ever use the phrase "let's".
DO pay attention to your attorney.
DO speak only in objective terms.

DON'T make disparaging remarks about your customers.

DO speak in terms of the business only, eliminating unsubstantiated or irrelvant details on the lives of the principals.

DON'T talk about a particular customer outside of the credit group meeting.

DON'T plan at the meeting on what the future credit policy should be for members of the goup.

DO all of your talking and discussing in the presence of the moderator.

DON'T circulate handwritten notes during the meeting.



Credit Groups allow credit professionals to share pertinent data about common customers.  By doing so the participant firms make better credit decisions.  Credit Groups are governed by set rules of behavior.  Of primary importance is the requirement that individual participants make credit decisions independently.  It is illegal for multiple creditors to conspire to deny credit to to a customer.


Credit Groups are organizations comprised of competitors.  The laws of the United States allow competitors to meet and exchange credit information when following certain basic rules.  Creditors can not, as a group, agree to extend or deny credit to a customer.  Whether to extend or deny credit to a customer is a decision for the individual credit extender.  This is the golden rule of credit groups.  What is "credit" is also open to certain interpretation.   For example, credit groups should never discuss credit terms. 


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