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Continuing advances in computer technology have raised the power and efficiency of desk-top PCs to new heights.  As a result, the cost of computing continues to drop.  The advent of the Internet has made information available to everybody. 

Until recently, however, most credit information was too expensive for everyday use.  Today, thanks to the PC and the Internet, that information can be inexpensive and easily accessible.

New Opportunities

The PC revolution means that, with the proper software program, credit group members can pool credit information in proprietary databases. CCI Software/Systems has taken advantage of this opportunity to become a leading developer of proprietary database software for credit groups.

Proprietary Databases

A proprietary database is one owned by its members.  Members contribute to the database on a regular basis and only members may draw credit reports and other information from the database. 

Unlike traditional credit databases maintained by Dun & Bradstreet or TRW, databases developed by CCI offer five distinct advantages:  strict confidentiality; custom design; concise trade reports; outstanding service; and most importantly, lower cost.

CCI Database Features

CCI-designed databases feature the ability to draw trade credit reports based on a name or telephone number search;  the ability to generate reports on customers with returned check (NSF) activity or whose accounts have been placed for collection (PFC); and an E-mail messaging systems for members.

Trade Credit Reports

Trade credit reports show the following information:  the date the information was reported; the date of last sale; whether the account is cash in advance (CIA/CBD) or cash on delivery (COD); the reporting member's pay history with the account; the account's recent high credit, account balance and the percentages of the balance current, and 1-30, 31-60, 61-90 and 91+ days past due.  The identification of the reporting member may also be shown, if desired.  In addition, the trade report is cross-referenced to an NSF and PFC database and will alert users if there is any such activity in that account.

In addition, the trade experience of all reporting members is summarized to give the composite experience in both absolute dollar terms and percentages.  Finally, the payment trends of the customer for the prior three months is summarized, enabling a quick review of payment performance. 

Superior Service

Delivering credit information is a service, not a sale of goods.  Our work is just beginning once your database is setup.  CCI is dedicated to providing its clients with superior service in the maintenance and day-to-day operation of their databases.  This includes both technical support and database maintenance. 

We also understand that over time your needs will change.  We are ready to work with you to implement those changes to fit your needs.

About CCI Software/Systems

CCI was founded in August 1991 by Panos Constantinides and Geoffrey Lyman.  The principals foresaw the shift away from main-frame based computing solutions and formed CCI  to provide customized database and programming services to business customers.  Since that time CCI has developed databases for the rare book and collectibles market, as well as its specialty, database for commercial credit information.

The Principals

The backgrounds of Constantinides and Lyman make them uniquely qualified to provide their clients with state-of-the-art database services, including both technical, legal and business advice.  Constantinides is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard and hlds a J.D. from the University of Virginia Law School.  A corporate lawyer before co-founding CCI, he has practiced extensively in the fields of secured lending, anti-trust, bankruptcy and creditor's rights.  He serves as CCI's President and oversees the day-to-day operations of the company.

Lyman received his B.A. degree in computer science magna cum laude from Duke University in 1986.  Before co-founding CCI, Lyman developed advanced database solutions for Data General Coprporation in Durham, North Carolina.  He serves as CCI's Vice-President with responsibility for all technical and programming matters.


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